On the Identity Trail On the Identity Trail: http://www.idtrail.org 2014-07-05T16:33:07+01:00 FeedCreator 1.7.2 CBC Radio Learns Some _Lessons From The Identity Trail_ 2009-04-18T07:47:57+01:00 2009-04-18T07:47:57+01:00 2009-04-18T07:47:57+01:00 http://www.idtrail.org/content/view/802/ Yesterday, CBC radio's (http://www.cbc.ca/radio/) morning show, the current (http://www.cbc.ca/thecurrent/), featured Lessons From The Identity Trail (content/view/799) co-author, Ian... Lessons From The Identity Trail is Launched ! 2009-04-15T10:05:26+01:00 2009-04-15T10:05:26+01:00 2009-04-15T10:05:26+01:00 http://www.idtrail.org/content/view/801/ Last week, members from ID Trail (component/option,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/) gathered for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada's (http://www.privcom.gc.ca/)Privacy Lecture... Lessons From the Identity Trail Book Launch 2009-03-28T17:01:53+01:00 2009-03-28T17:01:53+01:00 2009-03-28T17:01:53+01:00 http://www.idtrail.org/content/view/800/ On Wednesday April 8, 2009 members of the ID Trail project will re-assemble to launch their new book, Office of... Ian Kerr, Anne Uteck & Val Steeves Speaking at Hixon-Riggs Forum on Science, Technology and Society 2008-03-25T15:54:46+01:00 2008-03-25T15:54:46+01:00 2008-03-25T15:54:46+01:00 http://www.idtrail.org/content/view/798/ On the Identity Trail's Ian Kerr (content/view/42/43/), Valerie Steeves (content/view/57/43/) and Anne Uteck will be speaking at the here (http://www.hmc.edu/newsandevents/hixon08.html) for... Marsha Hanen Giving Keynote Address at "Breaking Boundaries, Forging Connections" Conference 2008-03-20T14:55:46+01:00 2008-03-20T14:55:46+01:00 2008-03-20T14:55:46+01:00 http://www.idtrail.org/content/view/797/ On the Identity Trail's Marsha Hanen (content/view/37/43/) will be giving the Keynote Address at Genericpillsrx.net (http://genericpillsrx.net/) - Drugs Without Rx... Jane Bailey, Ian Kerr & Val Steeves Participating in Panel on Social Media & Social Networking 2008-03-04T08:32:19+01:00 2008-03-04T08:32:19+01:00 2008-03-04T08:32:19+01:00 http://www.idtrail.org/content/view/796/ On the Identity Trail's Jane Bailey (content/view/171/43/), Ian Kerr (content/view/42/43/) and Valerie Steeves (content/view/57/43/) will be participating in a discussion panel... Carlisle Adams Speaking at 7th Symposium on Identity and Trust on the Internet (IDtrust) 2008-02-14T08:30:28+01:00 2008-02-14T08:30:28+01:00 2008-02-14T08:30:28+01:00 http://www.idtrail.org/content/view/787/ On the Identity Trail's Carlisle Adams (content/view/168/43/) and Kathryn Garson will be presenting their paper, “Security and Privacy System Architecture for an... Valerie Steeves Gave Presentation for Association of Computing Machinery 2008-02-28T09:21:03+01:00 2008-02-28T09:21:03+01:00 2008-02-28T09:21:03+01:00 http://www.idtrail.org/content/view/795/ On the Identity Trail's Valerie Steeves (content/view/57/43/) gave a presentation, titled Who's Minding the Kids? Surveillance in Three Online Playgrounds,” for... Valerie Steeves Speaking at Dalhousie University's Health Law and Policy Seminar Series 2008-02-27T08:00:20+01:00 2008-02-27T08:00:20+01:00 2008-02-27T08:00:20+01:00 http://www.idtrail.org/content/view/792/ On the Identity Trail's Valerie Steeves (content/view/57/43/) will be speaking at the Dalhousie University Health Law Institute's Health Law and... Cynthia Aoki Speaking at University of Toronto Graduate Student Research Conference 2008-02-25T13:31:24+01:00 2008-02-25T13:31:24+01:00 2008-02-25T13:31:24+01:00 http://www.idtrail.org/content/view/793/ On the Identity Trail's Cynthia Aoki (content/view/398/43/) will be speaking at the here (https://jps.library.utoronto.ca/ocs-2.0.0-1/index.php/oise/) for more information.