understanding the importance and impact of anonymity and authentication in a networked society
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Jaquelyn Burkell


Jacquelyn Burkell
Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Information and Media Studies

Stream 1 - the nature and value of identity, anonymity and authentication

e-mail: jburkell(at)uwo.ca


Dr. Burkell’s research focuses on the empirical study of the interaction between people and technology, with a particular emphasis on the role of cognition in such interactions. Specific aspects of this research include the impact of presentation on information use and understanding, the design of human-computer interfaces, and the social impact of technology. With respect to this latter topic, she is interested in the impact of computer mediation on communication and the perception of self. Much of this work focuses on anonymity in online communication, examining how the psuedonymity offered by online communication is experienced by online communicators, and how this experience changes communication behaviour and interpretation. Dr. Burkell is also involved in research on the credibility of online information and information sources. Part of this work will focus on intelligent agents and virtual representatives as information sources, examining whether the credibility of these sources is assessed according to the same criteria used to establish the credibility of human information sources.

Dr. Burkell teaches a variety of courses relevant to her research methodology expertise and her research interests. She teaches research methods at both the graduate and undergraduate level, with a focus on both qualitative and quantitative methods. In addition, she teaches courses on the social impact of technology, human-computer interface design and information design.

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.: works in progres:.

"Privacy Mechanisms and Instant Messaging" (co-authored with Rob Carey)

"Let’s Not Get Psyched Out of Privacy: Reflections on Withdrawing Consent to the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information" forthcoming in Canadian Journal of Business Law (co-authored with Jennifer Barrigar and Ian Kerr)

"Names, Nyms, Addresses and Reputations: The Experience of Anonymity in the Wired World" (co-authored with Peter West)


"Reasonable Expectations of Privacy: The Psychological Perspective" presented at “A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy? You be the Judge!”, Workshop presented at the Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference, Montréal, May 1, 2007.

"What's the Frequency, Kenneth? Radio Frequency Identifications and the Future of Humanism" (with Valerie Steeves and Ian Kerr)

“Privacy Policies on Kids’ Favourite Web Sites,” presented at the 6th Annual Privacy and Security Workshop, Privacy and Security: Disclosure, University of Toronto on November 3, 2005. (with Valerie Steeves)


Broken Doors: Strategies for Drafting Privacy Policies Kids Can Understand (co-authored with Valerie Steeves and Anca Micheti)

 "Soft Surveillance, Hard Consent" (2006) 6 Personally Yours 1-14 (co-authored with Jennifer Barrigar, Ian Kerr and Katie Black)

.:id trail mix:.

Negotiating Privacy Decisions: Roadblocks and Detours on the Information Highway

The Erosion of Privacy: Why Don't We Care?



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